What are Emotional Baby Checkups?

Does my child need Emotional Well Baby Checkups? Why?

Research findings necessitate that doctors and parents rethink traditional developmental milestones beyond the familiar benchmarks such as the onset of crawling, walking and uttering first words. Parenting a child during these first few years of life is no longer as simple as changing diapers, breastfeeding or finding a safe crib and car seat.

Emotional Baby Checkups aim to evaluate your child across several important psychological dimensions including:

  • Language development and Communication

  • Personality and Temperament

  • Social and Emotional functioning

  • Secure Attachment

  • Attention, Cognitive development and Activity level

Ultimately, these Checkups aim to promote more competent and joyful relations between the child and caregivers.

We are conveniently located just off interstate 5 near the Del Mar racetrack and fairgrounds.

The parking deck ceiling is unfortunately very low. If you drive a taller than standard SUV or tall vehicle, you may wish to park on the street and simply walk into the building at the parking garage entrance.

There is a slope to walk up if you park on the street, but street parking is ample and free. Parking at the very top of the parking deck is free. There is an elevator or stairs to descend one level to the ground floor from the top of the parking deck.

The practice space, suite 110 Y is handicap accessible, and opens to a courtyard with a table and benches on the ground floor. If you are early, it’s best to wait there or in your vehicle.