What services does Serenity Counseling and Assessment Services offer?

 *Emotional Baby Checkups  help to ensure your parenting is meeting your child's behavioral health needs at this very critical time in human development. Emotional Baby Checkups also aim to promote more joyous, competent and individualized parenting.  Human babies should attain a variety of mini developmental milestones, usually in a specific order, and that occur in rapid progression.  A delay in the emergence of one of these mini milestones can hinder the development of subsequent mini milestones.  For example, a baby experiencing difficulty paying attention to visual stimuli of vital importance may fail to rapidly acquire a pattern of scanning the human face.  This can prevent an infant from subsequently attending to important facial and other cues that are needed to acquire basic social and communication skills.

*On-site consultation and training classes for pediatricians, obstetricians, neurologists, other professionals, religious organizations, nurseries and preschools.

*Psychological testing and therapy to address separation anxiety, giftedness, school readiness, ADHD, learning disabilities, attachment and personality issues and select other presenting problems.

Emotional Baby Checkups

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