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     Emotional Baby Checkups are not yet reimbursed by insurance unless a parent or caregiver has a clinically significant emotional disorder such as anxiety, depression, or problems adjusting to new circumstances, including the experience of being an unplanned or first time parent. Insurance based services are also sometimes possible for infants having an established disability. At present time, in the State of Georgia, the cost of an emotional baby checkup is $125 for the first hour and $100 an hour for time beyond the first sixty minutes, rounded to the half hour.  Consultation fees in Georgia are $125 an hour with additional travel expenses of $100 per hour.  Parent-infant dyadic therapy services in Georgia are $125 an hour with 30 minutes of additional time billed at $62.50.  In Georgia, "pregnant" emotional baby checkup appointments are also being offered at $125 for the first hour and $100 for consecutive additional hours, rounded to the half hour. It is occasionally possible to have subsequent brief support sessions by skype or a more secure means of internet face to face communication or to arrange for travel to a work or residential location for an in-person contact.  Travel expenses are negotiable and privacy is almost always essential.  For example, a first time presentation and consultation with a pediatric or obstetric clinic does not necessarily require any travel expense reimbursement.

     Other psychological services provided at Serenity Counseling and Assessment Services LLC in Atlanta are typically $200 an hour, and few of these are now covered by insurance companies.   The initial hour of psychological testing is $225 with additional hours at a rate of $200.  When a report regarding a psychological evaluation is requested, report writing fees are an additional $200 an hour.  Traditional child individual therapy, adult individual therapy, or family therapy services also have a fee of $200 an hour, in the State of Georgia.

     Clientele are expected to pay for services before they are scheduled to occur.  To ensure you receive an appointment time that works for you and your loved ones, it is best to confirm with a phone call.  In theory, scheduling and payment services can be done online at times that work best for you, but privacy issues continue to be a concern with such a modern system.  Online scheduling strives to meet the privacy challenges of HIPPA compliance.  For greater assurance of privacy, however, payment can be made on site the same day services are rendered.  If clients desire insurance reimbursement, this should be discussed before appointments are made.  Such reimbursement is the exception rather than the rule.  This is the unfortunate reality as the insurance reimbursement crisis in the United States continues to be a grave problem for practitioners and the public.   

What to bring (and not bring) to your child's Emotional Baby Checkups?

     Please bring proof of your child's date of birth to the first appointment. Examples would be a birth certificate, passport or hospital records. Without this information, no report card indicating how your child is performing can be given.  Forms that need to be completed prior to the first appointment will soon be made available for download on-line and should be completed before the initial appointment.

     Feel free to bring video and/or audio recordings of your child in your child's current family setting. Usually parents and caregivers will bring smart phone recordings. Be careful not to bring a recording that may necessitate a child abuse report as Dr Pamela is a mandated report, whether or not she approves of the child welfare system in the state where your child resides. (There will be no surprises about child abuse reports as we will make them out together at your expense) Dr. Pamela will encourage you to keep an audio diary of your child's speech beginning with the earliest coos, screeches, cries...

     Do not bring your baby's siblings unless you have been advised to do so. You can always share video or audio recordings of your baby's interaction with siblings via a smart phone recording. Feel free to bring a diaper bag, toys and snacks if you so desire.  Dr. Pamela's practice site is strictly a smoke free environment.  You will be asked to turn off cell phones during appointments to protect patient privacy, unless we are attending to recordings of your baby.  Turing off smart phone communication can be uncomfortable for modern parents, but it is essential for several reasons, including privacy.  Parking is free and ample in the rear of the building.


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